“Miley 2.0”: Miley Cyrus Covers Billboard Magazine / Reveals Album Collaborations


Miley Cyrus has landed herself on the cover of Billboard magazine as she re-introduces herself to the world with her brand new single ‘We Can’t Stop‘ and forthcoming album.

The blonde beauty shows some skin is a skimpy black leotard and covered in gold jewellery. In the interview with Billboard, Cyrus speaks about her journey of creating her upcoming fourth studio album – on which she has collaborated with Pharrell Williams and Mike WiLL-Made It, to name but a few – and how she has changed since her last studio release.

The follow-up to 2009’s ‘Can’t Be Tamed‘ is set to be released sometime this fall, but does not yet have a set release date. Cyrus commented on how disconnected she feels to her previous releases, and is treating her new project as her first release as she will re-introduce herself to the world. However, Miley revealed in the interview she has chosen the tracklist and we can expect to hear collaborations with Big Sean, LudacrisNelly and Future.

A few days ago, the former Disney star revealed via her official Twitter account that she was shooting the album packaging – which hints that the release could be sooner than most are expecting. After all, this is the album that has been teased for the past 7 months or so – and despite 12 days passing by since the release of the album’s lead single, Cyrus is yet to perform ‘We Can’t Stop‘ live or make any televised appearances in promotion. Although, the track has still managed to debut on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at #11 – and this will be sure to skyrocket when its accompanying video premieres in just 2 days time, June 17.

Also, upon the release of the album’s urban-tinged lead single ‘We Can’t Stop‘, the singer has received criticism for “trying to be a hip-hop artist” but the 20-year old hit back. Cyrus declares in the interview that she is simply experimenting sonically with sounds and genres, but that her upcoming record is “not a hip-hop album, it’s a pop album”.

Miley plans on releasing her new material in the format of a movie plot – re-introducing herself softly with ‘We Can’t Stop‘ before taking the world on a deeper journey, which she says will be resolved with “happy ending”. The Mike WiLL-produced track has been described as a “more mature ‘Party In The U.S.A‘” by the singer, and the producer has helped Miley out with many more tracks on the album.

Mike WiLL also produced 2 [yet-confirmed] album cuts, entitled ‘Drive‘ and ‘Stand By Me‘ – the latter he described as “one of the greatest songs ever; a big feel-good, stadium, Super Bowl-sounding record”. R&B music veteran Pharrell Williams was one of the first producers Miley worked with on this record back in the beginning of 2012, and 2 of the pair’s tracks that are set to feature on Miley’s album are ‘4 x 4‘ and ‘Rubber Band‘.

The more we hear about Miley’s new music, the more we want it! Hopefully the release date is chosen to be sooner rather than later.

Read the full interview when Billboard hits newstands on June 22, and download ‘We Can’t Stop‘ now on iTunes.


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