LISTEN: Selena Gomez Re-Introduces Herself With “Slow Down”

My, my my! If you thought ‘Come & Get It‘ was a different turn for Miss Selena Gomez then you will not believe your ears when you check out her second single ‘Slow Down‘.

Whilst ‘Slow Down‘ may sound like every other dance hit from 2011, The Cataracs-produced track is a summer hit waiting to happen. Gomez has always came across – in my opinion – more comfortable in her dance songs as they allow her to be more playful, and it definitely pays off with this one.

We now understand the first single choice of ‘Come & Get It‘, as she got people listening just in time for her to show them what she can do. ‘Get It‘ has already peaked at #6, charting higher than any single Selena released previously with her band Selena & The Scene. She’s got a brilliant marketing team, I must say.

Slow Down‘ is the second single to be released from Gomez’s debut solo album, entitled ‘Stars Dance‘, and is available now. Check it out, below!

Selena’s album ‘Stars Dance‘ is available to pre-order on iTunes now and you will get ‘Slow Down‘ immediately! The album will be available instores June 22 (UK) and June 23 in the US.


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