LISTEN: Kelly Rowland Debuts Confessional Second Single “Dirty Laundry”

For those – like me – who presumed Kelly Rowland‘s second single was going to be another dose of sex talk due to its risqué title ‘Dirty Laundry‘, you are majorly mistaken.

In the confessional song, co-penned and produced by The-Dream, Rowland tells of a time where she was in a toxic relationship that left her both physically and mentally abused.

Speaking of the abusive relationship, Rowland reveals she was “battered” and that her ex-lover turned her against her own family and friends – fellow Destiny’s Child band member Beyoncé included.

The dark and often poignant R&B song is brutally honest, and incredibly brave, of Kelly – and her decision to release the song as her new album’s second single is undoubtedly her most unconventional to date, as an artist anyway. The cinematic production lays the groundwork for Rowland’s lyrical confession, and the pent-up raw emotion heard in the singer’s voice is definitely not rehearsed.

Reportedly, it took Rowland 13 times to record the song and during a listening party for the single’s parent album ‘Talk A Good Game‘ the singer had to leave the room as ‘Laundry‘ played. Check it out, below:

Dirty Laundry‘ is available to buy on iTunes now, with Rowland’s fourth studio album ‘Talk A Good Game‘ available to pre-order ahead of its June 17 release date (UK).

Kudos to Kelly! Hopefully, this is the start of something new.


One response to “LISTEN: Kelly Rowland Debuts Confessional Second Single “Dirty Laundry”

  1. I admit that I wasn’t surprised when I first read of Kelly’s admission that she was jealous of Beyonce. As I stated in my original post on this subject (The Envy of al women, crushed linen) for years the industry ahd been comparing the girls with Kelly always coming up short. It i snot surprising that a predator could swoop in and try to poison her mind and become extremely abusive. Thank God that Kelly did not succumb to the petty jealousies of the other 2 girls. Maybe now she can finally heal.

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