ALBUM STREAM: Will.i.Am – “#willpower”

This morning, Will.i.Am released the fourth single from his upcoming studio album ‘#willpower‘ on iTunes. ‘Fall Down‘ features the one and only Miley Cyrus and is screaming out to be the song of summer 2013.

Although, the music does not end there as, shortly after the single release the Black Eyed Peas frontman uploaded ‘#willpower‘ in its deluxe edition entirety to his official YouTube account.

The album also features Justin Bieber (on the album’s third single ‘#thatPOWER‘), Chris Brown (‘Let’s Go‘) and an uncredited Nicole Scherzinger (‘Far Away From Home‘).

The album will be available on iTunes and in stores April 22 in the UK. Before then, you can listen to the set below:

Many are questioning if the female vocals heard on ‘Bang Bang‘ are courtesy of Britney Spears. Personally, we don’t think it is Miss Spears as she wouldn’t go uncredited but you never know as Scherzinger is heard clear as day on ‘Smile Mona Lisa‘ yet isn’t listed as a featured artist.

What do you think of ‘#willpower‘?


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