ARTWORK: Demi Lovato Reveals New Album Cover, “Demi” to Drop This Summer


She may have just renewed her X Factor USA contract for a second season but it doesn’t seem as though Demi Lovato will just be judging the talent this year, she will be reminding the world of her own talent in a big way.

Following a number of jigsaw teasers of the artwork, the official cover of Demi’s fourth studio album seems to have leaked early. The stunning artwork shows the singer nude, covered in dark glitter, with her face and tattoos being the prominent features of the cover.

The cover also reveals the album title is ‘Demi‘, undoubtedly meaning that the album is going to be pushed as the singer’s breakthrough era – similar to Britney‘s self-titled third album that birthed the career-defining hit ‘I’m A Slave 4 U‘. ‘Demi‘ is scheduled for release this May, but does not have a set release date thus far.

This is definitely the year that today’s younger generation will see their idols “grow up” with Demi and her ex-Disney BFF Selena Gomez, who has just announced the release of her debut solo album.

Led by single ‘Heart Attack‘, the album is set to showcase the ‘Skyscraper‘ singer’s return to rock-pop and less of the R&B that was attempted with her third album, ‘Unbroken‘.

So far, we are loving the imagery of Demi’s latest musical venture – hopefully, the music and the album’s promotional trail will be equally as good. What do YOU think?


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