MUST-SEE: Iggy Azalea Drops “Work” Music Video

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea came to prominence at a similar time to potty-mouth Azealia Banks and due to the massive sound of Ms Banks’ hit 212 – and the unintended similarity in names – Iggy fell into the background slightly, but her new single hints at major success for the rapper.

As an Azealia fan, I majorly overlooked Iggy for the past 15 months and ignorantly gave her songs no more than one listen. Despite that being my own obnoxious listening method, it was also due to the fact that I couldn’t get into any of the Iggy tracks that I listened to. However, after one listen of Iggy’s new single ‘Work‘ it was stuck in my head.

In the track we hear Iggy rap about her self-inflicted struggle that is her rise to fame, singing: ‘No money, no family – sixteen in the middle of Miami‘. What makes ‘Work‘ even more enjoyable is it’s captivating Jonas & François-directed music video.

Get into the track below…

Work‘ is the lead single of Azalea’s debut album ‘The New Classic‘ which is set for release this summer under Mercury Records and Grand Hustle Records.

Work‘ available on UK iTunes NOW, and will be available in EU stores March 18 and the US store on March 19. You can also download Iggy Azalea’s ‘TRAPGOLD‘ mixtape for free at her website here:


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