WATCH: Justin Bieber Tells Paparazzi “I’ll Beat The Fuck Out of You”

Semi-Exclusive... Grumpy Justin Bieber Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed!!

It’s been a tough week for Justin Bieber, but a great week for the British tabloids, and it has ended fittingly as the 19-year-old superstar flipped out at London paparazzi less than an hour ago – shouting “I’ll beat the fuck out of you“.

It all began last Friday, March 1, when the Believe singer set out to celebrate his 19th birthday in London but was thrown out of the elite Cirque du Soir nightclub for unknown reasons. The incident has been surrounded by controversy with claims that the singer tried to bring underage friends into the club, and that he was thrown out due to smelling strongly of marijuana. Then, on Monday night the superstar arrived onstage 2 hours late for the first of 4 scheduled shows at London’s O2 Arena…..

To make things worse, Bieber suffered breathing problems whilst on stage last night during his third night at the O2 and left stage mid-song for a 20 minute break, before returning to finish the concert.

Now, today the singer lashed out at a paparazzo as walked from his Central London hotel to an awaiting black SUV. Seemingly irritated, Bieber rushed to the SUV and one photographer began to shout abuse at the young star – claiming that the Beauty and a Beat singer pushed him out of the way – shouting “fuck off back to America”. This is when Justin jumped out of the SUV shouting “What the fuck did you say? I’ll beat the fuck out of you“, as he was held back by bodyguards.

Watch the exclusive video here.

Justin will perform the last London show of his Believe Tour tonight.


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