LISTEN: Demi Lovato Releases “Heart Attack” Early

Demi Lovato released her new single on iTunes earlier than originally planned last night, and within 15 hours ‘Heart Attack‘ hit the #1 spot on the US chart.

Heart Attack sees the former Disney star return to her former pop-rock ways and she is, evidently, back in her comfort zone as the results present her finest upbeat single, thus far. The track’s production is flawless and allows Demi to showcase her incredible vocal strength with ease as she admits to being vulnerable when it comes to love.

Following the Skyscraper singer’s mediocre attempt at R&B with last album Unbroken, Demi has a newfound confidence and rasp in her voice as she returns to a more familiar guitar-driven pop sound, with some EDM influences. On first listen, the new song could easily be mistaken for an early Kelly Clarkson hit, circa Breakaway, which is most certainly not a bad thing. Listen below…

Demi has made a very smart move releasing Heart Attack as it is a radio-ready hit waiting to happen and has the potential of longevity during Spring and Summer. Heart Attack also serves as the first piece of new material released following her stint on X Factor USA, and will therefore have more keen to listen to what she has to offer.

Now she just needs to fix her eyebrows and she’ll be on to a winner with this next era. Heart Attack is available on iTunes now, and will be sent to radio next week.

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