EXCLUSIVE: Britney Shares from Studio, Music Coming Soon

Pop queen Britney Spears has posted on her official Facebook account announcing that she is currently in the recording studio working on a new track.

As you can see above, the Radar superstar has said that the song she’s working on is for ‘her boys’, which begs the question of “who is her boys?”.

Does this mean she’s working on a My Baby sequel dedicated to her 2 beloved sons, or that she’s working on a Gimme More meets Freakshow for Danja and Will.i.Am?

Most likely, the new song will be dedicated to the first option – for her songs Sean Preston and Jayden James – and it seems as though we might get to hear some of it soon. The word ‘soon’ to Team Britney is one which varies from day-to-day so it could be days, weeks or months. Although, I feel like this album will be out by August at latest at the pace things are going.

I am loving how open Britney is being this time around about working on the new album. I feel like she feels much more free and happy without Jason, their relationship always felt a little forced and, perhaps, too secure for Britney. Her attitude seems a lot more passionate, and the interest in her music career seems to have been brought to the forefront once again. The Circus singer’s post encourages the new attitude as she has always contributed to the songwriting when it comes to songs about her boys, Britney’s back y’all!

Not to mention, the fact that the former X Factor US judge uploaded a clip of her delivering on-point choreography to Toxic, during her Onyx Hotel Tour back in 2004, to Keek shows that the singer may be wanting to get back to how she was at her peak.

Britney’s latest musical venture, Scream & Shout, is currently #1 on the Worldwide charts with the official remix available on iTunes now.

Bring on this next era, already!


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