Taylor Swift Pens Diet Coke Deal; New Face of Soft Drink

Country-gone-pop singer Taylor Swift has infected the radios with her bubblegum schoolgirl love songs for about 6 years now, and her stardom becomes bigger with each era Taylor’s brand does too.

It’s been announced that the I Knew You Were Trouble singer has signed a deal to become the new face of one of the biggest-selling diet soft drinks, Diet Coke. Watch the announcement below:

Fair play to Miss Swift, at the end of the day she is a 23-year-old girl who can receive millions of dollars by simply pouting for one or two photoshoots to cover the campaign’s posters and commercials – of course she’ll sign on.

However, it’s a little startling to me that pop’s golden girl has signed onto become the face of a soft drink that pushes the consciousness of fat and calorie intake, as Taylor’s demographic audience is young girls aged from as little as 5. Also, it’s high unlikely that the singer herself has ever had to go on a diet as she’s the skinniest girl in pop and has been since she arrived on the music scene.

Taylor’s fourth album Red is available to buy on iTunes, Amazon or in store now.


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