Rihanna Unveils Artwork for “Stay” and “Pour It Up”


Little more than an hour ago, Rihanna released the covers for new singles Pour It Up and the Mikky Ekko-assisted Stay.

Maintaining the cheap theme of recycled Instagram photos for single covers (as demonstrated by the awfully tacky Diamonds cover), Rihanna has used a low-quality snap of her and on-off lover Chris Brown for the Stay cover.

Playing out their rekindled love affair on Instagram in recent months, this picture comes as no surprise to anyone but it’s disappointed many fans as using as a single cover overshadows the work itself – which is unfortunate as Stay is perhaps the best ballad of Rihanna’s 7-year career.

I’m not even going to comment on the Pour It Up cover, although I must say – where is the PR team at Roc Nation? Why are they letting Rihanna use old photos with a filter as though we’re going to be impressed?


The imagery of this era has been completely wrong – Chris and Rihanna’s relationship has been stapled to everything, and it’s sad as it takes away from the music and Unapologetic is some of Rihanna’s best work to date, but undoubtedly will not get the recognition it deserves.

God only knows what to expect from the Diamonds World Tour in terms of visuals, as one can only expect a grainy point-of-view video taken by Rihanna documenting her and Chris’ rocky relationship as an interlude to anything from You Da One to Stay to Nobody’s Business.

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