Alexis Jordan Returns With Sia-Penned “Acid Rain”

If you cast your minds back to the UK pop charts of 2011, you may remember a certain Good Girl from the US who stormed the charts with her debut single Happiness.

Roc Nation’s very own Alexis Jordan experienced success in Europe with her debut self-titled album throughout 2011, and is looking to make her sophomore effort successful to the global market.

Spending the majority of 2012 working on the yet-untitled project, Alexis’ new material is a step-up from her debut as the album’s lead single is written and produced by the masterminds behind Rihanna’s Diamonds, Sia and StarGate.

Acid Rain samples the Bingo Players’ Rattle – a major club smash of last year – and also features labelmate J Cole. Listen to the track below…

In my opinion, the most infectious and memorable part of this song is the sample used. Don’t get me wrong, 20-year-old Alexis sounds great and J Cole’s two verses are even better, but with the production behind Acid Rain I expected something greater – it feels like there is something missing with the track.

Undoubtedly, UK fans will hop on board and make the track a Top 10 hit at least but I’m not certain if this will be the song for Alexis to breakthrough with on her home turf. Particularly with 2013 being set up as R&B’s resurgence to mainstream music after the dance takeover of 2011/12.

What do you think?



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