The Saturdays Premiere Debut US Video “What About Us”

UK 5-piece The Saturdays are planning to win over America with their E! reality show Chasing The Saturdays – premiering January 20 in the US and February 13 in the UK – and leading their takeover campaign is new single What About Us.

The EDM-pop track isn’t anything different to what we hear on the radio already, however it serves as a nice introduction to the band with its infectious chorus that keeps you singing all day. The original single mix of What About Us featured island-rapper Sean Paul but that seems to have been scrapped for now, with the video mix sung solely by the band.

Check out the band’s first ever music video shot for US release below!

The band are set to release their debut US collection later this month with a new EP aptly-titled Chasing the Saturdays (to support their reality show of the same name). The EP is due to drop on US and Canadian iTunes on January 29 and will feature lead single What About Us along with 4 of the band’s biggest UK hits.

Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle, Frankie and Una returned to the US a few days ago to finish recording new songs for their fourth studio album, The Chase. The band are currently back in the studio with Rodney Jenkins, more commonly known as ‘Darkchild’, laying down some more tracks with the R&B mastermind. Hopefully, the girls won’t allow their US management or the producers to completely switch up their sound in favour of something new just for the sake of breaking into the Billboard charts. It’d be nice to see them successful performing songs they’ve became comfortable with, just another step up (see below).

What About Us is available on iTunes now in the UK, US and Canadian stores and The Saturdays’ EP Chasing the Saturdays will be released January 29 as their debut release under Def Jam and Island Records.


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