EXCLUSIVE: Justin Timberlake Returning To Music In 2013

The editorial director of Billboard magazine, Bill Werde, has made his predictions of the music industry for 2013 on his Twitter account, and has Timberlake fans all around the world excited about Justin’s highly-anticipated return to music.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 12.42.38Justin was at the centre of the R&B-takeover that occurred in the music industry back in ’06, alongside Nelly Furtado and others, with the help of Timbaland. With his critically acclaimed second LP FutureSex/LoveSounds, Justin hit the #1 spot in the UK and US with the first 3 singles all peaking at #1 on the Billboard charts, also.

Since Justin’s SexyBack era he has focused on his acting career experiencing success with his roles in Friends with Benefits and In Time, leaving fans oblivious to whether or not he will ever be returning to the studio to record his third solo album. Apart from his appearances on The Lonely Island’s albums, the recently married star hasn’t featured on a track in almost 3 years now when he appeared on Jamie Foxx’s Winner back in April 2010.

Whilst there has been plenty of rumours about Justin reuniting with Timbaland for the producer’s Shock Value 3, it seems that the pair have also been working at the former N*Sync frontman’s next LP alongside Jim Beanz (and, hopefully, Danja).

It’s safe to say we are very excited to hear what direction Justin will head into as we enter 2013, and if his third album will live up to the expectations following up his Grammy Award-winning FutureSex/LoveSounds, and this unexpected musical comeback may outshine the pivotal comeback of Beyoncé that is currently set to be the biggest event of the year.

P.S. I adore how Miley Cyrus was singled out as being the dark horse of 2013, she has certainly already got people talking.


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