EXCLUSIVE: Songwriter Sia Covers “Diamonds”

Sia is definitely the go-to-girl when it comes to writing a hit these days.

The Australian singer-songwriter has been in the business for years; a huge success in her native country and a frequent-collaborator of Christina Aguilera. Although, the We Are Born singer only broke into mainstream success with her 2011 David Guetta collaboration Titanium.

As Titanium became a worldwide hit, she was quickly approached by a number of artists such as Flo Rida, Ne-Yo and Ke$ha – and most recently, Sia has apparently been writing for Beyoncé’s fifth solo album. However, her biggest songwriting credit has came with Rihanna’s Diamonds, which has became a global #1 hit.

At a recent event, Sia took on the track she co-wrote with Benny Blanco showcasing how Diamonds was supposed to be heard. Sia may sing better on the track, but I prefer Rihanna’s version – I can never understand what Sia is singing.

What’s your thoughts? Should Sia have kept the song for herself?


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