Beyoncé Brings In The New Year At The Wynn, Vegas


Former Destiny’s Child superstar Beyoncé counted down the seconds to 2013 with 1400 fans during her live show at The Wynn in Las Vegas.

The Single Ladies songstress performed the NYE gig at the same venue that she held her intimate concert series back in 2009, which was filmed to become I Am… Yours, showcasing her biggest hits in preparation of her solo comeback that will kick off in just a matter of days.

Beyoncé always gives 110% onstage – besides her 4-night mellow stint at Roseland that we’ll just forgive and forget due to her pregnancy – but sometimes she seems most comfortable when sitting on a stool belting out the classics, such as the fan-favourite Irreplaceable.

Besides her staple songs and Destiny’s Child medley, Mrs Carter made use of the event to perform cuts from her last album 4 before the release of her fifth studio album that will take over her 2013.

I’m sure this is just a taster of what we’ll see next month, February 3, when Beyoncé’s stage becomes the field as she headlines the Superbowl’s half-time show. Beyoncé blows people away with simply “a mic and a light” set, so it’ll be amazing to see what she will be capable of doing with a theatrical production around her.


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