Girls Aloud’s “On The Metro” Leaked In Full

With Girls Aloud working full force to promote their comeback single Something New, another new track featured on their greatest hits album Ten has made its way onto the net.

The fast-paced track is classic electro-pop Girls Aloud with a catchy chorus and quirky lyrics. On The Metro was penned by DJ Fresh, The Invisible Men and Aloud’s very own star Nicola Roberts – the track was originally written for Roberts’ 2011 solo album Cinderella’s Eyes.

The track also accomplishes the band’s perfect formula of blending all 5 member’s voices throughout, with Cheryl, Nicola and Sarah battling through the verses, Kimberly’s soft touch for the bridge and Nadine showing off her pipes with the powerhouse vocals at the climax.

Now, leave your troubles behind, press play and dance for the next 3 minutes rejoicing the flawless anthem courtesy of Britain’s biggest girl band.

Ten will be available this Monday, November 26 (iTunes UK).


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