Christina Aguilera Disappoints at the American Music Awards

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Last night Chrsitina Aguilera performed a medley at the 2012 American Music Awards ceremony, her first high-profile awards performance in years, and sadly didn’t give much to talk about – besides her fuller figure.

Christina undoubtedly has an incredible voice (when used correctly), but she used to give amazing stage performances with her charisma and electrifying stage presence – whereas nowadays the “Lotus” singer simply relies on the voice. However, she is even wrongdoing in that aspect as she is focusing on the rasp of her voice instead of looking after it and all the belting out over the years is beginning to show.

Also, what has baffled me most about The Voice judge’s performance last night is the fact she didn’t use this opportunity of igniting her comeback to perform her comeback single “Your Body” which is yet to be performed live.

Anyway, watch her mediocre medley of new tracks Lotus, Army of Me and Let There Be Love below and let us know what you think!


Christina later returned to the stage to perform her duet “Feel This Moment” with Pitbull, click below to watch…


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