Girls Aloud Perform “Something New” on Children In Need

Girls Aloud took to Children In Need stage on Friday to perform together for the first time in over 3 years for the official charity single “Something New”.

Considering it was their first performance together following their lengthy hiatus and also their first performance of the single, it is understandable that they were a bit shaky. Yet the girls did a great job with their vocals sounding perfect – yes, the harmonies are still intact.

Putting aside Cheryl’s slip up at the beginning of the performance, all the performance needed was a little more energy but I’ll put that down to nerves. Hopefully the band’s performances on Strictly Come Dancing tonight exude more confidence.

Following their fast-paced performance of “Something New” (above) the Girls returned to the stage to perform “Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me” – the second single from their upcoming greatest hits collection “Ten” – which allowed all members, particularly Nicola, to let their vocals shine.

“Something New” is available to buy on iTunes now, buy it here to support the charity.


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