REVIEW: Rihanna – “Unapologetic”

Rihanna has laid out all of her deepest and darkest thoughts on the table for her seventh studio album ‘Unapologetic’.

I’ve not yet completed my first listen of the album – 9 songs in as I begin to write this – but it is already my favourite collection from Rihanna. From her soaring vocals and the open-book lyrics to the mash-up of genres, this experimental record marks a defining moment for the 24-year-old beauty’s career.

Despite many spectators fronting that they are growing tired of the singer with this being her seventh effort in just seven years, the world is gripped by everything Rihanna does. From the moment that the singer’s latest duet with Chris Brown – the 80s-influenced, synth-driven ‘Nobody’s Business‘ – leaked earlier tonight, millions went into a frenzy on all formats of social media.

Little over an hour ago the set made its way onto the net in its entirety, and it does not disappoint. The dark record takes the listener on a journey through Rihanna’s chaotic life in 60 minutes. Strong, infatuated, confused, powerful, sassy, fun and passionate – the singer has opened up her hectic mind, and heart, for critique with her latest musical display of her personal life.

Rihanna’s last 2 efforts have been prominently upbeat, which is undoubtedly why Unapologetic is so unexpected. The majority of the record consists of ballads, sometimes heartbreaking, which showcase the singer’s incredible, raw vocals. The album contains some of Rihanna’s finest recorded moments as the strength of her voice carries her through the heartfelt ballads such as Stay. Sonically and lyrically, Unapologetic pulls at the heartstrings with each word having a history behind it – often documenting the complicated, passionate love she has for on-off boyfriend Chris Brown.

However, the We Found Love hitmaker doesn’t fail to deliver upbeat anthems with her club-ready tracks ‘Right Now and ‘Phresh Out The Runway‘ – both courtesy of dance music maestro David Guetta.

  1. Phresh Out The Runway 7/10
  2. Diamonds 9/10
  3. Numb 6/10
  4. Pour It Up 8/10
  5. Loveeeee Song 8/10
  6. Jump 9/10
  7. Right Now 8/10
  8. What Now 9/10
  9. Stay 8/10
  10. Nobody’s Business 7/10
  11. Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary  8/10
  12. Get It Over With 6/10
  13. No Love Allowed 8/10
  14. Lost In Paradise 8/10

HIGHLIGHTS: “Right Now”, “What Now”, “Jump”, “Nobody’s Business”, “Stay”, “Lost In Paradise”, “Pour It Up”.

Forget the ‘Album of the Week’ and consider this the ‘Album of the Month’ for Fameuxkills, because it is all about Rihanna this month with the star taking over the world with her fierce, fun, loving and unapologetic record.

To sum it up, this record definitely feels more Robyn Fenty than Rihanna, and the timing is perfect.

Get your copy of “Unapologetic” when it drops November 19!


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