Is Britney Spears Working On Album #8?

Currently spending her time juggling her role as a judge on X Factor USA and being a mother, there has been little to no speculation that Britney Spears was already working on her next studio album.

With her seventh studio album “Femme Fatale” released just last March and her world tour ending less than a year ago, Britney would usually just be relaxing drinking Starbucks at this point in between albums.

However, after X Factor USA showed footage of Britney in the studio with common collaborator Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins a few weeks ago fans and critics alike were beginning to speculate that Ms. Spears has been secretly recording new material.

Then yesterday on the 5-year anniversary of Britney’s legendary “Blackout” album – which has since been cited as what reinvented modern day pop music – the album’s producer Danja (“Gimme More”, “Break The Ice”) spoke on Twitter hinting at a musical reunion between Britney and himself.

Following this, Britney herself took to Twitter to comment on the anniversary of her critically acclaimed LP and teased Danja’s idea even further saying that a “Blackout 2.0” could be in the works.

And I think it’s safe to say that with fans considering Britney’s best album to be “Blackout” fans around the world have added 2 and 2 together and are now under the spell that Britney and Danja are reuniting, therefore expecting album number 8 to now be round two of Britney’s best music.

Here’s hoping. I, as a long-term fan of Britney, am so excited about this and hope it’s true that Britney is not only working on her next record already but also working with the producers she had the best connection with. Somebody call Bloodshy & Avant, ASAP.


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