NEW MUSIC: Lady GaGa – “High Princess/Stache”

A few days ago, Lady GaGa gave her beloved ‘Little Monsters’ instructions to unsolve a so-called “Sound Puzzle” to let the world hear a new track the singer has recorded with producer Zedd.

After just 70 minutes, one of her fans was onto a winner and the singer tweeted that the cut had been perfected. “High Princess/Stache” is an electro dance fusion cut where we hear GaGa sing about losing her stache of marijuana, which is fairly off-putting but the track itself is mindblowing with the flawless production making it easy to ignore what she’s singing about.

It’s unknown whether either the track will make an appearance on the singer’s upcoming “ARTPOP” album or if it was made purely for the fun. Although, this proves yet again that the “Born This Way” singer is heading in a more care-free, dance-pop direction this time round. Thank God.


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