Bruno Mars Announces New Album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’

‘Grenade’ singer Bruno Mars has spent the best part of this last year recording for his sophomore album and he has now announced to Billboard that the collection will be released on December 11.

‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ has just 10 songs going by the official tracklist, so hopefully the 10 will be worthwhile. I’m hoping his sound will have progressed, and matured, from ‘Grenade’ as, despite it’s massive success, it was very annoying.

1. “Locked Out of Heaven”
2. “Young Girls”
3. “Gorilla”
4. “When I Was Your Man”
5. “Natalie”
6. “Treasure”
7. “Moonshine”
8. “Money Makes Her Smile”
9. “Show Me”
10. “If I Knew”

The order of the tracklist above is not official but the song titles were confirmed by Bruno himself.

Lead single ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ will premiere on radio, and be released digitally shortly after, tomorrow (October 1).


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