SPOTTED: Miley Cyrus Films New Music Video in Hollywood

Miley Cyrus was spotted outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood this past Thursday night (September 20) during a break from filming her latest music video.

Earlier this month, following MTV’s annual Video Music Awards took to her Twitter account to announce that her new single will drop by the end of the year and it seems she’s gearing up to release the single soon.

Miley also revealed exclusively to Billboard that her new album is looking at an early 2013 release and it will feature some of the material she worked on with Pharrell Williams. Miley also revealed she has worked with “Birthday Cake” hitmakers Da Internz as well as many underground producers she’s met in the past few months.

So far it seems the album is built up with a more urban direction than Miley has done before but the singer seems very focused and driven in her direction. Speaking to Billboard about the new record, she said that she “just want[ed] to make sure it’s exactly what I want first” before she began meeting with different record labels so she wasn’t being put in a box again with the image and direction of the new album.

This time it definitely seems like Miley is in full control and wants to reintroduce herself to the world as the girl she really is, not the manufactured Disney girl she was made out to be.

Hopefully we will get both the single and the music video at once for the musical rebirth of Miley Cyrus.


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