Lana Del Rey Unveils Tracklist For Re-Release

In November, Lana Del Rey will be releasing a reissue of her debut album with 8 new tracks on it under the title “Born to Die: Paradise Edition”.

  1. ‘Paradise’
  2. ‘Ride’
  3. ‘Young and Beautiful’ (snippet)
  4. ‘Heart-Shaped Box’
  5. ‘I Sing the Body Electric’
  6. ‘Blue Velvet’
  7. ‘In The Land of Gods and Angels’
  8. ‘JFK’

It’s rumoured that ‘Ride’ will be the first single to be released from the album as Lana was spotted filming the music video for the song last week.

Not much information has leaked about many of the official tracks as I’d assume her label are hoping the re-release makes a similar impact to that of the original debut itself earlier this year.

Lana has performed ‘I Sing The Body Electric’ at many shows during her tour earlier this year, so there are some LQ videos where the song can be heard (click here to listen to a live performance of the song).

Lana also included her cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” in her set for a few shows on her tour earlier this year which received critical and fan acclaim praising the cover.


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